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We refine your ideas and make them a reality. Your design, refined!


B.K International is an accredited wholesale and private label socks manufacturer in India with years of experience in delivering the finest premium quality of socks with the fastest production period and the most competitive prices in the market. Our company is not only producing socks for wholesale or customized needs; it further globally exports to every corner of the globe!  As soon as clients come on board, they are no longer clients. They become our lasting business partners! 

We provide ODM facilities to our clients. Their customization facilities range from the choice of raw material, packaging, dyeing, knitting pattern, design, and shipment mode. We have a production capacity to export more than 1 million pairs per month. B.K International has strict quality regulations in place with state of the art quality management systems which monitor each step of the production process and aid the quality inspectors in identifying potential defects in the finished goods. We have dedicated quality assurance and quality control departments to make sure our products comply with international quality standards.

At B.K International, we refine our clients’ designs and optimize them for manufacturability, and to scale. Not only do we serve mega-ODMs –AJIO, AVENUE MART , CLOUDTAIL , and THELAGADI  to name a few, our socks wholesale services are extended to promising enterprises that demonstrate high potential to flourish. Being subject matters in the area of socks wholesale manufacturing, we vastly boost and empower your socks business through passing on our experience in the industry and accompanying you throughout your journey of competing with the best! 

We offer our clients

Consistency & Precision

B.K International makes it easy and straightforward for ODM to meet their customers’ expectations. Our manufacturing approach is focused on repeatability, rigorous compliance, continuous improvement and strict quality standards.

Extensive Capabilities

Our variety of socks may require a variety of machines and capabilities to be completed. Our team comprises of experts in all the required manufacturing methods.

Productive Processes

We understand how to maximize production with a focus on manufacturing performance, continuous improvements and cost containment. Whether it is through automated packaging or automated manufacturing equipment, we have a variety of in-house capabilities to achieve streamlined, repeatable success.

Talented Team

Our team is highly skilled and accomplished with in-depth knowledge of the industry and what it takes to be successful along with the most up-to-date knowledge required to manufacture socks to quality standards. Our qualified staff works around the clock to meet your business needs, all while paying significant attention to the details and delivering impeccable quality.

We are a One-stop OEM socks manufacturing company with fluent communication and professional follow-ups. Contact us to collaborate today.


Our experienced team of socks manufacturers starts gathering all your business needs with regards to your required designs, preferable patterns, detailed yarn selection and final look targets. We analyze the data and a detailed action plan is created accordingly to provide you with the exact socks production solutions you desire. We keep you in loop at every step of the production process accurately highlighting not only the quality of materials but also the design we agreed upon. Only after a thorough quality inspection of the manufactured socks we proceed to provide a hassle-free delivery of your desired products right at your doorstep.

On- time Deliveries

We respect your time!
As soon as clients come on board, they are no longer clients. They become our lasting business partners. Wasting your time or missing set deadlines is not an option .If we say we deliver in n number of days, we do! Besides being equipped with latest knitting machines, Town Business International is further managed by a team of qualified staff who work around the clock to meet your business needs, all while paying significant attention to details and delivering impeccable quality. We will assist you in shipping and deliver the order right at your warehouse doorstep anywhere in the world!

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