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Having smelly feet is a common problem that can occur at any time of year – not only in the summer – and at any temperature, warm or cold. Bromodosis is the medical term for it.

Your feet typically get rancid as a result of an increase in sweat, which causes germs to grow on your skin and emit an unpleasant odour. Wearing sweat-soaked socks and shoes, as well as poor foot hygiene, are among the several causes of unclean feet.

So for that problem, we had a solution of using K9 socks. Check our newest blog N9: freshness and comfort to understand the theory.

Another thing which probably you all didn’t know, we use combed cotton for our socks. But why Combed cotton?

Cotton is a gentle, absorbent fibre that specializes to keep the body cooler in summer and warm in the winter, making it the ideal clothing fabric. Cotton has been the fabric of our life since 3000 BC, and it is still the most popular fabric today.

Combed cotton has quite a good amount of benefits.

Combed Cotton is Soft and Breathable because it is free of contaminants and projecting short threads Combed cotton is softer and more breathable than normal cotton. For this reason, combed cotton works well with other materials. This is why combed cotton is frequently used in mixed shirts such as polyester/cotton blends.

It’s Easy to Care for, your cotton socks may be washed over and over again thanks to its simple care instructions and ability to retain their colour. Cotton has a propensity to shrink, but if you don’t wash it in hot water, you shouldn’t have any problems.

For adults and children alike, this is an excellent way to keep energised and productive. Cotton begins as a blossom, matures into a fluffy ball, and is then spun into the lovely fabric we all adore. Natural fibres are something we all enjoy. They are gentle on our skin. We adore them for our children, and we adore them for ourselves. The combing procedure removes impurities and softens the skin.

We try our best and focus on providing you with the best quality socks which add freshness to your daily life. And a fresh mind gives you a productive day.

So, why not check out some good quality socks for a productive day in your life?

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