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Organic Socks

All you need is warm tea and a pair of socks, Socks are your shoe’s unintentional collaborator. If your shoes were Harry Potter, your socks would be Ron Weasley.

They do a lot more for you and your feet than you probably realise. That’s why, for a change, we’re focusing on socks, merely to emphasise how important they are.

Keeping our customers’ hygiene and comfort in mind, we make the best quality socks with modal, an ecological fibre from beech. The modal manufacturing method is ecologically favourable since it saves water and energy while also recovering resources used during fibre synthesis. Modal fabric is twice as fine as cotton, providing double the absorbency while remaining dry to the touch and retaining its form.

This extremely high standard and light fibre have the delicacy and softness like silk, a lustrous appearance, and excellent flexibility and durability. It’s a fully breathable, anti-microbial material for ultimate comfort.
It is a natural antiperspirant and neutralises smells. Our micro modal socks have seamless spikes for extra comfort and fit exactly to the foot. They’re unique in that they stay flexible and supple even after multiple washing.

BK socks would give you some of the best socks for your feet to feel fresh and comfortable. And we never fail to keep the recent trends in mind and provide you with some cool socks which would look good with those Adidas shoes of yours.

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