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N9 Socks

Talking about N9 we have always been thinking about what exactly that is and in the end, we have a lot of questions in our minds. So moving forward in the article, we would look into some fact checks about N9 like what is it and how is it useful.

But do not worry we have some amazing answers to your questions.

N9 Pure Silver is a silver-based technology that is non-leaching and has high binding strength. It suppresses unpleasant odours and germs on contact, keeping materials fresh for a long time. It stays intact on processed and treated textiles and performs when required.

N9 Pure Silver is eco friendly, has no harmful organic components, and has minimal silver loading qualities, making it excellent for garment treatments.

When bacteria come into contact with N9 Pure Silver particles, it ruptures their cell membrane, immobilises them by reducing oxygen, and destroys their reproductive receptor.

So, now for N9 pure silver no matter how much your feet sweat, when you open your shoe after a long day of work, running and gym your feet would feel as fresh as it was because we used the best N9 pure silver for your socks.

So even if you’re at a social gathering and need to open your shoe, don’t worry because those socks can be trusted and won’t smell bad rather they would add freshness and comfort to your feet which would make you feel better at the end of the day.

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